FIRST Global Challenge 2023 SINGAPORE

We Did It! Greek Robotics Soars at Singapore Olympiad, Securing Bronze and Finalist Spot!

Singapore, here we come! We, the National Robotics Team FIRST Global – Team Greece, are still buzzing with excitement after our incredible journey at the Educational Robotics Olympiad (October 7-10, 2023). With the theme of “Hydrogen Horizons,” we tackled the future of renewable energy head-on, and let me tell you, it was electrifying!

First things first, bronze! We snagged the 3rd place Zhang Heng Award for Engineering Design. Our judges loved our meticulous Engineering Notebook, the innovative Robot Design, and the in-depth presentation. It was a moment of pure pride to see our hard work recognized on such a global stage.

But that wasn’t all! We also secured a jaw-dropping 7th place in the world ranking out of a staggering 191 countries! This achievement opened the doors to the FIRST Global Finalists Alliances, where the top 24 teams battle it out. Being among the elite was an experience we’ll never forget.

But our success wasn’t just about robots and competition. We were also recognized for our commitment to safety, earning the coveted Safety Award. And let’s not forget our social media prowess! The Social Media Award highlighted our efforts to connect with the world and share our passion for robotics. (Speaking of which check at the bottom of the page for our social media accounts and drop us a like there!)

This journey wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our 70+ team members. From the initial brainstorming sessions in July to the final competition in October, we poured our hearts and souls into this project. We faced challenges, learned from mistakes, and celebrated every victory together.

This experience has been truly transformative. We’ve grown as individuals, pushed our boundaries, and discovered a passion for tackling real-world problems through the power of technology. We want to inspire future generations to dream big, collaborate, and innovate.

This is just the beginning! We’re already dreaming up new challenges and setting our sights on even greater achievements. Stay tuned, and who knows, maybe you’ll see our robot whizzing past in the next global competition! 😉

A huge thanks to everyone who supported us along the way. You made this dream possible!

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